The English Springer Spaniel dog breed was developed as a gun dog to flush, or spring, game in the field, but they’re also popular companions.

Athletic and versatile, they’ve been known to participate in agility, hunt tests, tracking, obedience trials and more, and they’re great pals to have along when you go hiking or camping. You’d have a hard time finding a more affectionate furry family member, but this pup definitely needs room to run.

English Springer Spaniels are smart and eager to please, not to mention enthusiastic. They are happy dogs and seem to have a good sense of humor. 

The English Springer Spaniel is a medium-sized sporting dog, with a compact body and a docked tail. His coat is moderately long, with feathering on his legs, ears, chest and brisket. 

In January 1899, the Spaniel Club of England and the Sporting Spaniel Society held their trials together for the first time. Three years later, in 1902, a combination of the physical standard from the Spaniel Club of England and the ability standard from the Sporting Spaniel Society led to the English Springer Spaniel breed being officially recognised by the English Kennel Club. 

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