The Elbe extends for 1,091 kilometres from its source in the Giant Mountains in the Czech Republic to where it meets the North Sea. Of this, around 870 kilometres are navigable. The river falls into two sections – the Lower Elbe for the stretch of around 145 kilometres from the estuary to the Port of Hamburg, and the Upper Elbe for the upriver section further inland.

It stretches almost three kilometres from Övelgönne’s historic vessels to Teufelsbrück wharf. If you have only a few hours to spend by the water, ride your bike to the Elbe beach at Oevelgönne, or take the S-Bahn to picturesque Blankenese, with its Mediterranean feel, winding alleys and antique villas overlooking the river. Beach lovers with a little more time can drive or take a train up to the beautiful, sandy beaches of the North and Baltic Seas.


22605 Hamburg

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