Did You Know Queen Victoria Was A Dog Lover?

She kept many pets over the course of her lifetime and her love of animals is well documented.

Her profound love of dogs provided the inspiration for royal sculpture and painting.

Before being Queen, the young princess had a King Charles spaniel, called Dash. It was her beloved Dash, who was the cherished companion of her lonely childhood at Kensington Palace. 

Queen Victoria’s life may in one way, be linked through her dogs, because they were with her from her youth until literally the very end. Actually it was a dog that she asked for in her bedroom as she was dying at Osborne, in 1901.

Prince Albert was also very fond of dogs, he brought his greyhound Eos to England after his marriage with Queen Victoria.

Victoria and Albert did a great deal to popularise dogs as pets in the domestic homes of England. 

The Queen also became the first patron of the Battersea Dogs’ and Cats’ Home in 1885. 

Queen Victoria owned a large variety of dogs including dachshunds, collies and pugs and there were up to about a hundred dogs housed in the royal kennels, which were situated in Windsor Great Park. 

In 1888 The Queen acquired in Italy her first Pomeranian dog. She really loved this breed, owning up to thirty-five at one point in her life.

Slay’ was the Queen’s favourite Skye terrier, who died on 26 April 1844 at Buckingham Palace, her ‘great darling’. ‘Islay’ has his own statue, in Sydney, Australia, at the Queen Victoria Building.

Queen Victoria last moments were with Turi, her loving dog. 

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