This week I am visiting Berlin, along with my dog Iker. I am this kind of dog dad that normally goes everywhere with my doggo and I have to say I am very impress as to how Berlin is super dog friendly city.

I booked an hotel close to Alexander Platz, on the east part of the city. The hotel accepted dogs with no extra charge, also as soon as you arrive you find inside the room a food and water bowl, especially designed for doggos, as well as a softy blanket. 

The day after we arrived in Berlin, we woke up early to explore the city, parks monuments, etc. After a long walk it was very easy to find a coffee place or nice terrance where to rest our feet and paws. As soon as we’ve got seated on a terrace for a coffee or having a delicious schnitzel, the waiter (without even ask it) brought a full fresh water bowl for Iker. Such a great feeling when you have a dog and it’s treated in such nice way. Until now I have never seen something similar in other EU cities.

In Berlin you can go almost anywhere with your furry friend, even in the public transport where you should keep on lead as well as with a muzzle.

In general people are very friendly, nice and considered in Berlin, so your walk exploring the city as a new Berliner is very pleasant.

Prior my trip I made my research about Berlin, things to do, museums, food, etc and I bumped into a news articule that in 2011, Berlin was voted Germany’s most dogfriendly city. 

Just remember that in order to make life in the capital city as pleasant as possible for everyone, a number of rules apply in public spaces, like dog owners are obliged by law to pick up their dogs’ poo and dispose of it in a public litter bin.

If you are planning to travel with your doggo, Berlin would be a great destination to enjoy its parks, restaurants, cafes and great its great and cosmopolitan vibe.



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