Loyal, Independent, Deeply Affectionate.

Tall and elegant, the Azawakh is a West African sighthound who originates from the countries of Burkina Faso, Mali, and Niger. 

The short, smooth Azawakh coat comes in a variety of colors, including clear sand to dark red, white, black, blue, gray, brindle, grizzle, parti-color and all shades of brown, including chocolate. The stomach may be hairless.

African sighthound

The Azawakh is an African sighthound of Afro-Asiatic type, which appeared in Europe towards 1970 and, comes from the Nigerien middle basin, among others, from the Valley of the Azawakh. For hundreds of years, he has been the companion of the nomads of the southern Sahara.

Traditionally owned by the blue-clad Tuareg nomads, they are called the “idii n’ illeli.” Translated from the native tongue, this means “sighthound of the free people.” The Azawakh enjoy a special appreciation from the nomads. They live under the same roof and are fully accepted members of the family. 

The Azawakh is a rare sighthound; he is aloof, with a complex personality, and he has the unusual characteristic of being protective. While he is beautiful to look at and quiet to live with, the Azawakh is not suited to every home.

Unlike most sighthounds, Azawakhs have a protective streak and will bark at strangers.

They assume the duty of protecting the encampment and flocks from invaders. The breed are passionate hunters and provide the family with meat, however, the diminishing of game and usage of firearms lessens the utilization of the dogs. The preferred prey is hare, antelope, and wild boar.

The Azawakh can live contentedly in an apartment or condo as long as he gets a daily walk or run of at least half an hour. He’s an excellent partner for joggers and runners and is then satisfied to be a couch potato for the rest of the day. Never permit an Azawakh to run free except in a safely enclosed area.

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