Thinking about getting a puppy? Read this first!

This week we’ve met Mr Javier Muñoyerro, reputable Shiba Inu breeder in Spain and owner of the Alto del Pago canine centre.

As most of you might be aware, many people have been deceived by organised mafias, false breeders while trying to get a puppy, this is why Javier has given us some recommendations when we are looking for a new fury family.

Key points before getting a puppy:

☑️ Make sure to visit the breeder’s facilities and see the father and mother together with the puppies, this is highly recommended, by doing that you will have a full overview as what your puppy will be become when it finishes its development.

☑️ Please avoid shipping, a reputable and reliable breeder will never send a member of his family like the one who sends a package through Amazon.

☑️ Search for reliable and registered breeders.

In Spain, in order to breed and sell a puppy, it is mandatory to hold a special license, issued by the Government, as well as being fully registered as a breeder,  in this way you will be fully legally covered.

Don’t forget to ask for these documents to the breeder prior getting your puppy.

☑️ Avoid Pet Stores.

Nobody better than a breeder, who has been from the very first moment of every puppy’s life to raise him/her with such care, it also can assure you what your dog will be like.

Breeders can be a source of truthful advises based on his own experience, in terms of caring, temper, size, etc.

Usually pet stores see dogs as “items” they buy in X and sell in X + Y, they don’t know anything about the dog’s ancestry line, therefore cannot give you any insight about the breed or the dog you’re getting.

☑️ Don’t be shy of asking for photos, videos and information both of the puppies, as well as its parents and facilities.

A good breeder will never make it difficult for you to talk about his dogs, on the contrary, he will be delighted.

If you find one that shows no interest on providing this info, it will be better you look for another one more reliable. 

☑️ Be patient to find the dog that best suits you.

Normally a good breeder selects a lot the type of family they want for their puppies, so if you have to pass an interview or stay on a waiting list, be patient, it is the best for you.

☑️ Do not trust excessively cheap prices.

Any dog ​​breeder is a professional, with full dedication on searching a good pedigree,  recognised for both beauty and health, is worth money.

☑️ Delivery of the puppy must be 70 days and after 2 vaccination.

The issue of changing homes for the little ones can be very stressful, so the puppy must have at east 2l deworming, two vaccines and the appropriate size certified by a veterinarian prior the delivery.

The ideal age would be 3 months, since the puppy is stronger and does not suffer so much change.

In addition, the longer they spend with their mother and siblings the better, they learn many things in the first 3 months of life and that will be great for them to be balanced dogs in the future.

☑️ Pay attention to all the indications given by the breeder and keep contact with him, you will have a thousand doubts throughout the dog’s life, no one better than your breeder to help you at all times.

☑️ Enjoy the best thing in your life, which is YOUR DOG.

Javier Muñoyerro

Centro Canino Alto del Pago



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